Redefining the way we measure the impact of digital technologies on youth wellbeing.


Improve your products with testing plans and frameworks for evaluating the impact that you have on your audience.

This tool is meant for the following:
Startup Founders
Product Teams
UX Designers
UX Researchers

Evaluate startup impact and efficacy with our frameworks inside the dashboard.

This dashboard is meant for the following:
Impact Investors
Institutional Investors
Venture Capitalists
Common Language
Impact Navigator provides entrepreneurs, institutions, and investors with a common language for evaluating a startup’s product and service efficacy.
Impact Navigator blends crowdsourced research from young people with evidence-based social science to produce metrics, guidance, and tools that track impact on youth development.
Built Together
Impact Navigator bridges the impact perspectives and needs of startups, investors, and institutions to inform and improve the digital youth wellbeing market.